Cloonmore Mining and Energy

DFES – Mechanical Engineering Support

Location: Western Australia


Cloonmore is the sole provider of mechanical engineering services to the Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES). Cloonmore has held this contract for the past 3 years.

The primary responsibility has been to design and implement an Inspection and Test Plan and overarching Quality System to ensure industry standard and specification (Technical, Functional, Regulatory) compliance of new build Fire and Emergency appliances.

Cloonmore have completed both Gross Vehicle Mass and front axle re-rates using CAD 3D scanning, modelling and Finite Element Analysis including final engineering compliance signoff.

Cloonmore has completed an equipment build end to end process review; outcomes include providing an approved build process for prototype and new appliance delivery.

Maintenance issues are part of the contract scope including provision of root cause analysis on components displaying reliability and /or failure modes – components are subjected to process and technical analysis to develop solutions including stress and metallurgical testing.

Cloonmore Engineers continue to provide ongoing and project specific engineering solutions across the fleet including:


Inspection and Testing

Quality Assurance

Compliance – Technical, Functional and Regulatory

Defect Elimination

Advice and sign off mechanical engineering